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Things I want to do this summer.

Bartender (with aibasaur, if things work out)
Nihonjin no shiranai nihongo
Kamen Rider Kiva
Janiben/Kanjani/other stuff
Finish Otomen and/or Hello Baby?

Learn (dances):

Work on:
My thesis. On that note, I need to email some teachers about that, too.
Japanese. 練習しなくちゃ~ I'll probably work on learning some songs as a part of this.
My internship! Woohoo!
Cooking. I have to cook anyway, might as well put in a bit of extra effort.

I need to send letters/etc to a few people.
I'd like to make some icons, because I am lacking in variety/number.
Seeing my friends.


I hate packing and I hate traveling. It is such a pain. Also, my ticket for Boston was soooooooooooo expensive. Nearly $700. ><

Anyway. That's all. I have a few weeks off now, so yay! Gonna watch some stuff, learn some dances, and start getting ready for my thesis.
I'm tired, I'm sad, and I miss Japan. I hate group work and this semester has been long and stressful, yet really fast. I miss my host family, I miss my friends who aren't here, I'm tired of drama and people and all I want to do is cry. I wish my family's visit hadn't been meeting to go out for a meal, then me having to go back to work. I wish these moods didn't hit me like this.

One week left, then I can relax a bit. Hopefully, I'll this mood will pass quickly. In the meantime, it's back to work.

So busy

I have had such a crazy semester. I literally didn't get on LJ for a few months. Bleh. It will be over in about a week, thankfully, and then I have a great internship which I am super excited about. I do have a few weeks at home before that, though, and I'll be close to aibasaur. Yay!

So...a ton to do, feeling stressed, but it will all be over soon. Oh, and my family came for the concert, so it was great to see them, too.

In other news...
Need. More. Icons. >.

Day Off

First of all, the weather isn't as bad as I expected. It isn't nice by any means, but compared to home...meh. However, I really miss some things about winter now. For example, snow falling as I walk/dance down a back road surrounded by trees, mostly pine, and more snow.

Because we had today off due to weather, beastlover and I finished Bloody Monday 2. It was AMAZING! It's very stressful, but I love it. I also adore the end song, and quite a bit of the music from both this season and the first. Anyway, I'm not going to ramble about the whole drama here, but I am so happy about it right now. ^___________^♪♫♥♫♪

Also, Japan House had a setsubon event and we all made delicious sushi for dinner. Yum!

Overall, quite the great day. Now, to finish some applications and homework-y things.


A new year! A time to reflect and set some goals.

This year was really good. I had a few rough spots in the beginning, and there were definitely things that could have gone better, but most of my year was great. Looking back, there are things that I really wish I had worked harder on, and I really regret that I didn't.

So, because of this, my New Year's Resolution is:
to stop procrastinating

It sounds simple, but procrastination is a hard habit to break. It's also actually more than not procrastinating, it's about doing things I want/should do right way, instead of just thinking about them. I'm not aiming to completely jump into everything, just work on doing things. It's sorta complicated, but it makes sense in my head.

That's all for now I guess.

Being Thin

One of the things that really annoys me sometimes is getting crap for being thin/my eating habits. Hearing that I'm "so skinny" from friends and family once in a while isn't a huge deal, but when I start to get told all the time by everyone how thin I am, and is that healthy, are you eating enough, etc, it starts to get to me. Once we get on the four or more time of me explaining my eating habits/etc, it's REALLY frustrating. It especially bothers me that other than not eating enough, because I am skinny, some people don't seem to think I have the right to worry about my health/body/weight.

Sorry, just needed to get that out of my system.

This is the Summer Time!

My summer has been going pretty well so far. I didn't get the job/internship I wanted, but I've been doing pretty good.

I've go a bit more to do for Japan--mostly figuring out what I need to bring, omiyage, etc, but I've gotten a lot of the big stuff done, like getting my Visa. Whoo! I really want to know about my host family, and every once in a while, I get nervous, but yeah. I've also been trying to keep studying...to relative success.

Work is work. Long and tiring, but it gets me money for school and whatnot, and I'm really glad I have a job. Also, I'm volunteering at the hospital (Peds/Hospice) and it's gone really well so far.

I've gotten to see friends a few times and I hope to do so a bit more before I go. I leave pretty early in the year, so it will be interesting.

I'm trying to watch a bunch of dramas, too, and they're so much fun. Especially Troubleman! I'm watching it with Captain, which makes it even better (though it is so amazing on its own). I could go on for a long time, but I'll spare you.

Some of the things I'm working on this summer for Japan and in general include: getting into better shape/used to riding a bike, eating better, journaling (to record what happens, even just a bit), Japanese (esp. kanji and via songs and dramas),reading more neuroscience articles, etc.

Uhg, after rain and fog for over a month, we finally got some sun, and now its hot and sticky. Not my favorite type of weather.

I feel like I had a point in this entry, but I forgot what it was.
Oh well.


So, this is to get thoughts, worries, advice, etc about me/others going to Japan fall semester of 2010. For those of you have been, are going, or aren't going, I'd love thoughts, concerns, advice,etc. Anonymous is OK!

For example, if someone is concerned about getting lost, they can post a question, give advice, share their concerns/thoughts, get or give feedback, etc.

I feel like all I do here is bitch. I should try posting other things, but whatever.

So. I think this semester went ok. If I do well on my finals, I should have pretty good grades. So, I continue studying. My paper is done, not the best or worst, but done. Two finals left, probably getting a plane ticket, plus a pic-a-nic and packing. Also trying to deal with some independent studying/registrar nonsense.

I actually think if I keep up my studying, I'll do well on test, so now I'm mostly worried about getting a job this summer/paying for Japan. I know if comes down to it, I can work for my dad, but I not only have to contribute to my tuition, but also pay for a plane ticket and have enough money to do things in Japan and buy omiyage, etc, so it feels like I should be doing more.

I keep thinking, I just need to wait and see and it'll work out somehow, BUT I can't stop worrying, especially since there will be two of us in college now and tuition went up a bit and I just don't know sometimes. Also, I keep bitching about it but it doesn't make me feel better.

I talked to my parents today, and they told me to focus on my finals until I come home, but I just worry. I got to see them Fri/Sat when they came down to see Dance Alloy, which went really well, despite a few mistakes, so that was nice. Also! My brother sent me a message today telling me what he got me for my birthday~ the new Tegomass CD! Yay! Fun time with friends is good, too.

Still, once I come down, I fret again.

Waaaaah~ Why is life so difficult?

見せてくれ~ もしも

"I feel like shit.

My roommate is amazing."

That was as far as I got two three nights ago. I'm feeling better. In any case, I had a hellish week and have now officially been rejected (the UofM's waiting list doesn't count) from all the summer internships I applied to. At the time I started this, I was really stressed and upset and ended up crying as I started writing a rant-y post to try and release some emotion. My roommate came back and was great about dealing with me.

It's sorta nice to know, though, because now I can start actually planning my summer and whatnot.


I want comebacks. And TUMBLING! Which I just found the RAW for. Let's hope for decent quality.

Finals week will suck, but I'll hopefully get my picnic. Japanese final project should be fun and I'm actually more interested in the film choice for the film final than the actual paper. Though, I am worried about our Ozu project.

Last night I went over to Japan House and hung out with some friends. We made almond shortbread cookies dipped in ganache. It was amazing!

Anyway, it's nice out, I'm doing ok, and life goes on even after my odd, rambly posts.


One of the more entertaining aspects of being home sometimes is even if I spend more time online, I spend less time on FB, etc, posting my status and responding to little things.

Anyway. I watched a good tanpatsu drama called Rinne no Ame (The Rain of Reincarnation). I really enjoyed and cried a lot, pretty typically. It was unsubbed, but I got most of it, so I was pretty happy. Beyond just being good, it had to of the main actors for Tumbling, so it was nice to get a sense of them.

Speaking of Tumbling, I'm super excited and a little disappointed that it won't come out until later April. Still, I will wait and from a few things I've seen, it should be great.

I got to see my best friend and generally be at home. I get good food, my own room/space, etc. It's been really nice to just be able to relax and be more or less on my own schedule. I have had two doctor's appointments, but they were pretty easy and relaxed. Also, absolutely gorgeous weather. I haven't been super productive, but I've gotten a bit done and have more than enough time for what I have to do.

Anyway, I'm hoping to do some dance and Japanese stuff, among other things, but I've been pretty productive (I've drawn more in the last three days than the last month).

That's it for now, I think.

So many fun pictures

So, once I finish this weekend, I think things will start to settle down. I'll still be busy, but all the extra stuff I've been worrying about should be just about finished. I'm waiting for a page to load to finish one application, then I just have to finish the letter of interest for the other and send it in. After that, SICE and homework, but then that's about it. I'll have one job app and a scholarship, but those look easier/shorter. At any rate, I'm so done writing basically the same essay, but not quite.

Unfortunately, I have three tests in the next two weeks. The classes they are for are going well, but I did not do well on the last tests for two out of three of the classes, so I have to study a lot more this time. Still, spring break is in two weeks, and I'm going home! Also, birthdays are coming up, which will be fun.

HAH! Page loaded! One more down.

Moving on, every once in a while you meet someone on the internet who you really get along with. It's really fun and I just thought I'd comment on it because it happened to me recently. It's just nice.

Also, I feel like posting some stuff. So, we'll see if I get some time and put a bit up. Here's hoping.

Oh, and my school just approved a Neuroscience major, so I have to talk to my adviser about that and figure out switching (if I want to, what classes I'd need, etc).

Hmm, what else...I'm so procrastinating, but whatever. I have a bit of time and I've been really productive.

3 hours straight of dance practice sucks, especially when you try to dance the next day. Cookies, my family, and my friends rock, however.

In anycase, the next few days will probably suck, but everything should start improving after my first test, even with the other two tests (mostly because I have more time to prep for them).


Leave a comment saying, "COMMENT" and I will give you five words I associate with you. Then post about what they mean to you, along with this, at your journal.

From sirigorn: Shinee, Mori no Ike, bio, spaetzle, Rescue Bear

SHINee-Shiny shiny SHINee. I love this word in all of its incarnations. 1. Shiny=sparkly. 2. Shiny=Firefly slang for good, wonderful, etc. 3. SHINee=epic, adorable, kick-ass, all around amazing Korean boy-band. They're very good vocally and with dance, recorded and live. They're a lot of fun and very talented. They also need to perform with Henry, who I adore and they were trainees with and are now friends with, I believe (I AM LEGIT! Henry, the TRAX, and SHINee all do some variation of X-Japan's Tears!!) If I had to pick, I'd probably say my favorite member is Jonghyun, but I love them all for different reasons.

Mori no Ike: Ah, MnI. A Japanese language and culture immersion summer camp in MN that I have attended as a camper and taught at. I love it and it has made a huge difference in my life. I can go on about MnI forever. I love so many people there and everyone is amazing, especially those that keep working hard to keep it going. I really enjoy teaching and learning and working with kids and I love Japanese, so it has been an amazing experience every time.

Bio: I love Biology. I find it absolutely fascinating. Which is why I'm double majoring...Anyway, I think Biology is really important and I enjoy it, even if all my friends think I'm crazy. I'm interested in everything from bio-energy to animal behavior to neuroscience and medicine.

Spaetzle: Is both a special food to me and a sort of comfort food. It's a German egg noddle and my mother and grandfather (used to) make it. For Christmas, I got a spaetzle maker and made it here at school when I got back. It is super good, but really messy to make.

Rescue Bear: Rescue Bear is my graduation present from a close high school friend, the Emperit, Tarrah. He's a hand knit, sparkly, multicolored, glow in the dark teddy bear. I love him and we joke around with him about Panda and he was named because we decide he was a SUPER RANGER Rescue team sort of bear.

Anyway, life was sort of stressful and emotional for a while, but things are going better and the Olympics are on and we have a break this week, so yeah.



Well, tonight was productive. Sorta. In certain ways.

First of all, I'm really glad to be back at school. I miss everyone back home tons of course, but I like to be busy and see all my friends here. We're all back together and getting into the swing of things. I have some really good classes this semester and my independent study, while stressful, looks like it will go well.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the best week. I've been really stressed about what I want to do and trying to get a summer job/internship, especially in a field of science. Getting the independent study together and working it our has been hard, too. Then I worried about SICE and getting in, even though I think my interview went well, and I try hard not to think about how much school costs, let alone going abroad. Anyway, people were busy this weekend with our first batch of homework, and a minor emergency (as far as we know--we'll see if it gets worse), so plans were a little skewed and things got off. Anyway, I ended up feeling a bit crappy for various reasons, but it wasn't too bad.

Then, I upset a friend on accident, had a long day, still felt like crap, got more stressed about summer jobs and being forgetful, and ended up crying all over my roommate, who took it very well and we talked for a while. I want to go apologize, but if I do, I know I'll start crying all over again, so I'm going to talk to her tomorrow. Needless to say, not much got done tonight, but I'm feeling a bit better and that's good.

Anyway, I'd like to call my parents and my best friend, but not tonight because right now I just want some hot chocolate and sleep. Hopefully, it will get better all around and things will work out.

Sorry about the depressing rant. Honestly, I really love my life and everyone in it, I just got overwhelmed and in a mood.

Jan. 7th, 2010

So. Winter break. I always go to these things with the intent to journal and maybe have something I can look back on later. Aaaaaaaaaaaand I fail.

I've been a bum. Got together with some friends, spent time with famiily, went to New Orleans, but I'm so lazy. I've gotten so little of what I wanted done. Seriously, so so little. Though, Luna and I are getting along better now.

I've done a little writing, reading, watching videos(SHINee~), and I've made progress with Mirotic, but I'm going to have to actually buckle down and get more done tomorrow if I want to be able to show my face back at school (I blame part of this on my lack of internet at the other house. I want my room for practice!).

For something in Japanese...not sure how good this is, but I wrote it up as my thoughts about 3am one night. The moon+Secret soundtrack=write somehow...

時々、鏡に見て、自分に 「きれいよ」と言う。あの時、いつかに私は微笑んだら、誰かが見て、恋すると思う。その後で、私はハッピーエンドをもらうと思う。肩の傷を気にしないで、紙が好き。私が好き。いつか。

Other than that, I really do wish I'd been more productive. There is some stuff I need done for school that I'll have to do there now and that won't be fun. Still, I've generally had a great break. On another note, SICE. I'm so nervous, and we haven't even done interviews yet.

Anyway, I'm excited to see friends soon and I'm going to get back to writing and Star King.

Story time?

I told beastlover and bibliophile_ali about this and they wanted to see, so...
Thanks to the Queen for checking it for me.

Title: Touch
Fandom: Bloodly Monday
pairing/subject: Fujimaru, Otoya (there if you want it pairing)
Rating: PG
Summary: Theme-Massage

TouchCollapse )

Questions, comments, preferably no snide remearks...I'd love some feedback.

Caramel Rolls

Today I got up at 6am today to make a double batch of caramel rolls (after waking up on accident at 4:25, ick). So far, so good. The dough is rising and I should be studying for Japanese right now, but...whatever, I'm not even up usually yet, so I'll get there.


Alright, that's about it. I need to go study and type some stuff up. I'll probably go watch some subbed vids instead, but whatever. WATCH ME PROCRASTINATE!

Wallpaper meme

→ Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal.
→ Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
→ Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

I recently started watching Bloody Monday and my background was boring, so I searched on on the internet. This is nice and simple. I also really like the red swirls. I would have really liked one with more of the characters besides just Fujimaru, but I was a bit lazy/couldn't find one easily (that was decent quality that I liked). Anyway, nice effects and Bloody Monday!

Don't feel you need to do this, I just thought it was a bit of fun.


It's no longer Monday, but whatever.
Crazy couple of weeks. I go home on Friday, so yay!
Early last week I got sick, then had a paper due yesterday. However, I finally started watching Bloody Monday and highly recommend it. Pretty easy week ahead of me.


PS-seasons_gone, if you love me, give me some kind of drabble prompt. I know I could go find one somewhere, but it doesn't always work that way for me. You don't even need to give me a fandom, just a general prompt.